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The Quality and Communications team will now report to the Manager, Partnerships and Engagement (previously Partnerships and Campuses) ...

'(We) have undertaken a review of the position of Deputy Director, Strategy and Planning. As a result of this review, reporting lines for some of the Strategy and Planning team will change.  The Quality and Communications team will now report to the Manager, Partnerships and Engagement (previously Partnerships and Campuses), with a title change for this position to recognise the broader community and industry engagement strategies of the university. The Manager, Partnerships and Engagement will now report to the Deputy Director, Learning and Engagement (previously Deputy Director, Learning and Teaching). The Digital Experience team will also report to the Deputy Director, Learning and Engagement, and the Copyright Advisor will report to the Deputy Director, Research and Collections. A new position will be established: Manager, Library Business Services. This position will have responsibility for coordinating the Library's budget preparation and day to day management of the budget; overseeing the integration of relevant University activities and projects into the Library via the Finance, ICT, Infrastructure and Operations and Human Resources business partners; leading the implementation of the Library's space planning strategy and facilities standards at all campuses, including sponsorship of facilities projects; developing best practice human resource management practices and workforce planning for the library; and providing strategic advice on risk management in the Library, including business continuity planning and OHS. The Facilities team and the Administration team will report to the Manager, Library Business Services, along with a new part-time Executive Officer position.' Email from the La Trobe University Librarian to library staff. Thanks to anonymous.

'... corporate jargon about values has absolutely no relationship with firm performance.'

'Most companies have mission and vision statements, but those tend to communicate very little about a company’s purpose ...They all use the same words, such as ‘respect’, ‘teamwork’ and ‘innovation’ but … a recent study found that corporate jargon about values has absolutely no relationship with firm performance.' Researchers George Serafeim and Claudine Gartenberg at Harvard Business Review in 'Drive your company’s ‘purpose’ to boost business', HC Online, 25 October, 2016. And what led to '... superior accounting and stock market performance'? - management having 'a clear view of where the organisation is going and how to get there'. Quelle suprise!

change management
1. Managing change. Change that requires managing, including multi-tasking. 
A category of consultant. Money for jam, old rope, Magic Pudding, etc.

''Understand the process of Change Management and the skills required to successfully manage the process' (Trans. 'Learn the process of change management and learn the process of change management'?)
Melbourne University of Leadershop & Professional Development Program

'Change management is also useful in terms of one's personal lifestyle: "First realise that due to a combination of technology, travel and communicationsadvances, most of us live fast-paced, urban-minded lives that require constant multi-tasking."'
Stan Stalnaker, GQ, Spring 2003

(Watson's Dictionary of Weasel Words, Contemporary Clichés, Cant & Management Jargon, page 64.)

The goal was to start an initial conversation around framing the key issues facing COAG going forward.

Quote from Acting PMC Secretary Andrew Tongue's all staff message titled Tongue in cheek, 9 September, 2016. In reference to the first COAG Senior Officials meeting held on 2 September. Thanks to anonymous.

Solution Consultant - can you translate your system functionality?

'The Solution Consultant is an integral part of the Business Technology Partner team, and will work closely with the Business Technology Partner, Business Analyst and Consulting Architect to build trusted business relationships and deliver innovative technology solutions. Leading the translation of complex business requirements into technical solutions the Solution Consultant supports the Architecture & Business Roadmaps by utilising a breadth of skills covering business analysis, consulting, problem solving, solution design and basic project management in their day to day operations. Specific accountabilities include:

Leading high level business requirements identification and translation into system functionality using a range of techniques as required.' Job ad at RMIT. Thanks to Mark Eggins.

You may be an unlawful non-citizen.

'If you do not lodge an application within 30 days of the date of this letter, any status resolution support services payments you are receiving through the Department of Human Services may be ceased and you may lose access to financial hardship payment and other support services. Payments and services may only be restored if you lodge an application...

'If you do not lodge an application within 30 days of the date of this letter we may not grant you another bridging visa. This will mean you may be an unlawful non-citizen. You will lose access to Medicare and permission to work in Australia. The minister has the power to revoke his decision allowing you to lodge a visa application.' 'Thousands of asylum seekers given days to lodge complex applications or face loss of rights'. The Guardian, 27 February, 2017.

Ramping up the long run value

'Organisations seeking to ramp up the efficiency of their asset management (AM) footprint intuitively turn to enhancing their AM activities, however, new research shows that placing more structural emphasis on organisational and governance related facets of operations can bring rise to more long run value.' Organisational effectiveness can boost asset management operations,  20 July 2017

1. Person or organisation with a stake, ie. a share or interest; people joined along the triple bottom lineshareholders, staff, customers/clients, etc.
People in a nursing home; people engaged in senior living (As in: 'At Easter the stakeholders all wore bonnets and those who could joined in singing "It's a long way to Tipperary".').

''Sustainablity is determined by an organisation's ability to create and deliver valuefor all stakeholders.'
Principles of Business Excellence, Gracedale Private Nursing Home

(Watson's Dictionary of Weasel Words, Contemporary Clichés, Cant & Management Jargon, page 305.)


As in: 'I haven't had any visibility on that'. Replacement for 'I don't know', used in meetings at a NSW TAFE. Thanks to anonymous.

Products - aka weather warnings

'I think we've got some work to do [with the bureau] with some of the products.' Victorian Emergency Management Commissioner Craig Lapsley, The Age, 4 December, 2017.

Products - aka weather warnings

'I think we've got some work to do [with the bureau] with some of the products.' Victorian Emergency Management Commissioner Craig Lapsley, The Age, 4 December, 2017.

Drive penetration

'However it also reveals that it expects ancillary revenue per customer will remain flat this year as it continues to ‘drive penetration with discounts’ – management jargon for getting more people used to paying for the add-ons so they can bump up the price later and people will still pay for them.' 'How can Ryanair charge £4.99 for a ticket?' by Rachel Rickard Straus,, 6 February 2018.


'New ideas in innovation and science will be major drivers of Australia’s future economic prosperity. We are working with other government agencies ... as they develop and implement initiatives that encourage innovation and increase our nation’s productivity and competitiveness...

There are currently no event items for this topic.' Australian Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. Latest News dated 7 December, 2015.

Pain points

'I know we’ve been experiencing some pain points with some of our systems...' Vice Chancellor, La Trobe University in an address to staff. Thanks to anonymous.

'Here’s an introduction to the state of play for millennials, their perils and pain points, and how brands can use this insight to reposition their marketing ... Brands need to leverage the millennial mindset – and do it authentically.' The Mongrel

XERA Pain Point Eliminator TM.

Catalysts shaking the innovation trees

'In this feature, TIME explores individuals who are truly breaking through the clutter of the next big thing and serving as catalysts in a meaningful way, on a larger scale. Sure, a start-up can embody innovation but what about the change makers within corporations who are shaking innovation trees? What does it take to sustain that spirit?'

end-to-end student experience ... deep-dive review

'Additionally, to ensure a best in class end-to-end student experience is delivered with clarity of focus, a deep-dive review of a discrete set of student support activities will be progressed.' From a university. Thanks to Karen.

Measureable life outcomes

'New programs for the homeless link taxpayer funding to outcomes, making service providers more accountable for the impacts their programs have on those they seek to serve ... In contrast, Pay For Success means government funding is tied to measureable life outcomes.' Matthew Tyler, economist, The Drum, ABC, 4 August, 2016. Thanks to Robert Boot.

Innovative solutions to complex multi-stakeholder problems

'Holly Ransom is the CEO of Emergent, a company specialising in the development of high performing intergenerational workforces, leadership and social outcomes. Holly is renowned for generating innovative solutions to complex multi-stakeholder problems ... 
Convening relevant internal and external leaders and facilitating the development of a pragmatic organizational strategy.
Mapping macro trends and providing key market research insights to develop a critical understanding of your organisation’s operating reality.
Building the capability of leaders to navigate change and achieve personal and collective success.​' Thanks to Leigh.

Unique improved paradigm from management consultants at PricewaterhouseCooper

'PwC’s strategy consulting team Strategy& provides a level of operations expertise unique among general management consulting providers ... We help clients across a range of service industries develop and implement an improved paradigm for managing complexity. Product architectures that maximize the commonalities and minimize the differences help describe the product or service in a way that is extremely useful in both the innovation and delivery streams. The business is simplified by facilitating alignment of the support infrastructure in the delivery stream through focused technologies and processes, and engineered through tailored business streams that segment the "process" support infrastructure typically around stability, predictability, or difficulty.' Thanks to anonymous.

Spot the weaselling.

"Clearly there have been some negative stories about various players in the industry and that's really unfortunate because it does damage people's trust in the community." (Brian Hartzer, Westpac CEO).

The Australian Bankers' Association chief executive, Steven Munchenberg, defended the banks, saying they were addressing "legitimate concerns" regarding inappropriate behaviour and misconduct.

"The industry knows that ensuring the integrity of the banking system is vital for all participants, including customers and banks themselves. Banks support the core of the economy and highly value their social license to operate ... Banks will continue to work with regulators to address any legitimate concerns with inappropriate behaviour or misconduct," Mr Munchenberg said.

"Banks have shown in the past they will act when they are made aware of behaviour contrary to their values and codes of conduct," he said. The Age April 7, 2016.

Continuous improvement through continuous conversation
On the web site of the Tasmanian Government's superannuation fund, the RBF. Thanks to George O'Farrell.

Always by your side. Create your true values. Sign on an ATM.